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The amazing corn field

This corn seed, Montana Morado Maize, is developed by Dave Christensen, who continues to advance its genetics every year. This seed is grown in partnership with Ole Norgaard of North Frontier Farms™, located in central Montana close to the small town of Shonkin and the Highwood Mountains. This is the only farm in the world where Montana Morado Maize is grown for seed and sold under Dave’s trademark “Seed We Need™”.

Selling seed.

After years of preparation, we are now from November 2021 selling seed from Montana Morado Maize.

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Dave Christensen & the Anthocyanin Story


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A dream 50 years ago

“At the age of age of 17, I received a powerful unexpected dream from God.  I saw two thin ears of black corn.  I did not know why or how, but my soul was imprinted to develop this corn. Thus began my lifelong work with ancient corn varieties kept alive by Indian families & homesteaders.

30 years ago, I experimented with Navajo desert corn from Black Mesa, Arizona.  One plant produced two ears, and when I peeled back their husks, each glistened with shiny black kernels. I was elated to have found the sacred black corn of my dream. I introduced the black Navajo color into my work and developed Montana Morado Maize.