Montana Morado Maize 2021 Seed - 2.8 oz (approx. 270 kernels)

Montana Morado Maize 2021 Seed - 2.8 oz (approx. 270 kernels)

SKU: HP21-2.8

Net Weight 2.8 oz (approximately 270 kernels)

This striking black corn is an elite superfood with extraordinarily high levels of anthocyanins for health & healing. Plants are easy to grow, reach 4-5 feet. They yield long, slender ears with 8 uniform rows of shiny black kernels.

Montana Morado Maize was bred from 100% Native N. American heirloom Indian corns, like its sister-line, Painted Mountain Corn. Even in short, climate-stressed Montana seasons, this corn matures quickly & productively, yielding astonishing soft flour starch for many purposes, including the best cornbread!

This naturally diverse open-pollinated corn is capable of adapting to different locations and you can grow it year after year.


    Plant the kernels direct into well prepared seedbed. May 15 or earlier (bred to recover from early frosts). Plant 1-3 inches deep and 10-12 inches apart within rows. Plant in a block for dependable pollination, away from other corns if you want to save your own seed. Corn needs full sunshine. Control weeds early. Depending on heat, corn dries in 90-110 days. Allow kernels and husks to dry completely on the plant before picking. Harvest before a hard freeze.


    This corn seed, Montana Morado Maize, is developed by Dave Christensen, who continues to advance its genetics every year. This seed is grown in partnership with Ole Norgaard of North Frontier Farms located in central Montana close to the small town of Shonkin and the Highwood Mountains. This is the only farm in the world where Montana Morado Maize is grown for seed and sold under Dave’s trademark “Seed We Need™ ”.



    Address: 475 Vixen ln, Shonkin, MT 49450

    Variety: Montana Morado Maize

    Kind: Corn, Black

    Lot Number: HP21-CORN-1

    Origin: Montana

    Test Date: 11/09/2021

    Net weight: 2.8 oz (approximately 270 kernels)

                    Germination: 97%

    Hard or dormant seed: 0%

                          Total viable: 97%

                                     Purity: 99.97%

                                       Inert: 0.03%

                          Other Crop: 0.00%

                           Weed seed: 0.00%

        Noxious weed seeds: NONE FOUND

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