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Fulfillment and shipping policy

Fulfillment and Shipping policy

When you place an order with us, it immediately goes into our system, and is processed within 24-48 Hours. If you are unsure that your order was received by us, just check your Email, as we always send out an immediate confirmation Email to the Email address that you entered when checking out. (Note: please check spam & junk folders, as Emails from new sources can sometimes end up there.) If you need to cancel your order, or make changes to your order, please contact us ASAP, as we cannot make changes to your order after it has shipped.

Fulfillment policy: When the order is mailed with USPS; a fulfillment Email will be sent to the Email address that you entered when checking out.

Shipping policy: Our orders are shipped with the US Post Office from our location in Shonkin, Montana. We normally ship out orders within 2-3 business day, and US orders usually take 2-4 days to be delivered. Please be aware that all orders are shipped in a USPS Large Envelope that are not trackable. We are currently ONLY selling and shipping to USA.

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