Meet the Team

Our professional team does everything to make sure that you and your family have a great time at North Frontier Farms, Inc.. We are a varied team made up of 10 farmers, botanic specialists, and administrators who each contribute their knowledge and expertise to our mutual goals. Whether helping you pick out fresh produce or giving you a tour around the farm, every single staff member is kind and patient with all our guests. Visit us today!

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Ole Norgaard

Owner and Farmer

Ole Norgaard is the owner and farmer of North Frontier Farms™. Ole is not afraid of hard work and proves it daily. He is taking care of business in every aspect and making sure things are running properly at the farm.


Dave Christensen

Heirloom Corn Breeder

Dave Christensen is guided by his vision of creating the black/purple corn called Montana Morado Maize. He works on advancing the corn though his 50 years of knowledge/experience in Native North American Indian open pollinated corn.