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How deep do you seed the maize/corn?

Plant the kernels in well prepared soil 1-3 inches deep and 10-12 inches apart. Make sure to control weeds. The Montana Morado Maize is very hardy and can tolerate high altitudes and cold conditions. Can be seed in most location before May 15

What is the ancestors of Montana Morado Maize?

The Montana Morado Maize largely came from my Painted Mountain Corn. It grows about the same but with a little larger and stronger plants, it is naturally diverse, open pollinated and you can grow it year after year.  It has long 8 row thin cylindrical ears with shiny black kernels. Its ancestors are 100% North American Native corn.

When do you harvest the corn?

Depending on heat, corn dries in 90-110 days. Allow kernels and husks to dry completely on the plant before picking. Harvest before a hard freeze.

Do you sell Internationally?

We currently only sell to the USA.
Because of seed laws and seed regulations we do not sell internationally.

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